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Appstar Reviews


Some of the Appstar Reviews that have been circulating online is that the company Appstar Financial Services has been in business for over ten years. The company strives on excellence and has worked diligently with merchants to ensure satisfaction. So how is it that a company that has worked as hard as Appstar Financial find themselves being called a scam? It is something that is a very interesting concept and one that when you think about it, makes a lot of sense.

These days, people are struggling. They struggle with trying to find a job, trying to afford services that they need, and trying to survive in this tough economy. When faced with these struggles it becomes increasingly challenging to know who and what you can depend on. During these difficult times there are some that will work to take advantage of this and take advantage of the companies that have spent years building a strong reputation.

Companies like Appstar Financial which has an excellent track record with their clients and even with the Better Business Bureau. There are companies online today that cannot boast the same thing. In fact, there are some companies that dismiss the BBB because they do not believe it is a valid organization anymore. They prefer to continue to abuse their customers but not Appstar Financial.

Appstar Financial Cares

Appstar Financial Services cares deeply about the way that they are viewed online. This is why when the false claims started to surface they decided to run an internal investigation. The investigation was designed to determine if any of the employees were working outside of the code of ethics that the company stands for and firmly believes in. This was several years ago when the company was in its infancy and going through some growing pains. It was a shocking discovery when they learned that a few of their employees had decided to throw the rule book out of the window and instead used other means for which to secure a sale. These employees were immediately terminated.

Did Appstar fold up and quit?

When this internal investigation was completed and they learned about the few bad apples that were damaging their company’s reputation did they fold their hands and give up? Did they say “this is just too hard we can never recover from this?” No, rather, they brought on skilled support staff and had them working closely with the merchants/customers that had been affected by these few rogue employees. It can often be a challenge when you have spent years building up a company with a certain set of values and you discover that your team is not living up to those values.

As a business owner myself, this recently happened in my company and it was a devastating realization. As my company began to expand I needed new staff. We collectively brought on dozens of new team members within a short period of time. We provided them with the standard training and sent them out to work. Within a few days the company was receiving numerous complaints regarding the service they received.

It was horrifying because it had never happened to us before. An internal investigation began and we were able to quickly identify the problem staff. Naturally the staff in question were let go and we began to work on taking care of our clients.

Where does the problem lie?

So you ask yourself as a business owner or even as a consumer where does the problem lie? Is it the training? Is it the quality control? What is the problem? In my own case the problem was that we were growing too fast and even though we provided the same training materials that every other person received. The time for absorption was minimized, reduced, and as a direct result the employee did not share the values of the company.

Appstar Financial Services found themselves in a similar situation during their period of growth and transition. Their staff did not share the same vision as the company and as a direct result there were a few business owners that were left unsatisfied. Appstar Financial did try to make it right though. They opened up a special department exclusively for those that were affected by this situation. Many of the merchants that came forward to express their concerns were helped and were offered a solution that they were pleased with.

There were some merchants however that did not feel that communicating directly with the company was the right course of action. They were angry. This is also a natural reaction. This can be a painful time and it can be frustrating when you want to blame the company for the actions of the employee and it’s a valid concern. The problem comes when the medium for venting those concerns becomes tainted. When your valid issues are combined with non-valid issues, when your real concerns are clouded by some that are simply trying to do more harm than good, this is when it becomes a problem.

Who does more harm than good?

There are some businesses that target larger companies and work diligently to discredit their reputation if they have failed to pay a fee to protect themselves. It is the online version of the mob. The business owner either pays the fee or they will become the target of negative feedback across the internet. It is a scary concept and an unsettling thought but it is real and there are businesses that make a small fortune off the backs of hard working companies like Appstar Financial Services. Are these Appstar Financial Reviews real? The fact is there was a period of time when this company struggled. They made some mistakes in their process and they worked very hard to correct those mistakes and they did so successfully very quickly. The company’s reputation is strong and they are a dominate force in the credit card processing industry. It can be challenging to identify the truth from a lie but when you do it is worth it.